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At AKC We offer a wide range of floor polishing that involves high-quality equipment and machines.

Beautiful floors look stunning it’s no surprise that it requires immense effort to keep them looking this good every day. But, the challenges do not end there if you don't want to ruin your floors, certain kinds of floor restoration company require specific cleaning products. For example marble floors are extremely fragile and, unfortunately, can be contaminated and collect dust very quickly.

AKC exclusively uses environmentally friendly substances to polish floors. We are equipped with a range of modern equipment and machinery to speed up the process and make sure that our customers receive the highest quality results.

If you'd like to keep the floors in your office or at home sparkling, contact AKC The trusted expert in floor polishing.

Polishing floors of tiles

AKC is the most reliable tile polishing of floors available with a wide range of options available. The most well-known option is steam cleaning which eliminates any stains the grout. In order to safeguard the tiles from damage in the future by putting on an additional layer of sealant to it.

Utilizing state-of-the-art machines and cleaning products We are able to take care of your tiles, and get rid of any soiling that has ingrained and also revitalize the grout lines that are stained. You'll be amazed by the results that our expert cleaners are able to achieve in enhancing the appearance of tile that is worn and damaged.

If you are looking for a fresh and appealing design of your tiles, without having to spend a lot do not hesitate to contact AKC by dialing (971) (4) 832-1647.

Polishing floors with wood

In the event that your floors are starting showing signs of age and you'd want to restore it to its original appearance our company will be able to meet your requirements. Our teams of restoration and cleaning are specifically trained to be equipped with knowledge and expertise. Our experts are adept at cleaning and restoring different kinds of flooring, such as the following hardwood floors and prefinished hardwood floors and laminate flooring.

A major component of the maintenance of hardwood floors is proper polishing. This provides an extra level of durability, luster and overall appeal to your flooring. Polishing is an excellent method to revive the protective layer of your flooring. It's also a simple task that is easily accomplished by the majority of people. The technique of polishing hardwood floors is a inexpensive, quick and easy method to ensure wood flooring has been effectively maintained.