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Representing Since 1989

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Representing Since 1989

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Representing Since 1989

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Professional Cleaning Equipment Suppliers in UAE

Greetings from AKC Cleaning Supplies & Equipment, your trusted supplier of cleaning equipment and cleaning products in Dubai, UAE. With more than 30 years of experience, we are pleased to offer premium cleaning solutions to satisfy your requirements. We are a well-known brand in the sector thanks to our dedication to providing outstanding service and bespoke products.

Who we are?

Your Trusted Cleaning Supplies & Equipment Provider in Dubai, UAE

Because of the steadfastness of our valued customers, we have established a reputation that we are proud of since 1989. Our brand is synonymous with dependability and confidence, guaranteeing that our cleaning supplies in the UAE consistently satisfy the highest requirements. As one of the leading cleaning equipment suppliers in Dubai, we specialize in providing top-notch janitorial supplies and equipment to all of the United Arab Emirates.

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The Main Categories of Cleaning Products Dubai include:

Janitorial Cleaning Products UAE: What We Offer?

We are

The Cleaning Pioneers

Trust & Reliance

We have consistently delivered our goods and services for over 30 years, providing prompt and useful solutions. Because we operate with our clients' goodwill and satisfaction as our top priority, the largest brands in the business have come to trust and work with us. As reliable cleaning products suppliers in UAE, we consistently drive forward, supported by our clients' assurance.


We are always eager to transform the cleaning sector and advance time-honored cleaning methods, bringing a fresh perspective to the field. Our goal is to motivate other professionals in the industry so that we can all work together to create a better, greener future. We take great pride in being one of the best cleaning equipment suppliers in UAE, providing creative and affordable solutions.

History & Support

Highly experienced in the industry and seasoned in our field of expertise, we pride ourselves on going to extraordinary lengths to tailor an experience fit for our clients. Our customer-oriented relationship ensures benchmarking our never-ending service & support. As professional janitorial equipment suppliers, we aim to provide high-quality cleaning equipment and products that meet your needs.


Why Choose AKC Cleaning Equipment Suppliers?


1100+ Inventory Products

Extensive range of cleaning supplies and equipment, including the wet and dry vacuum cleaner UAE and steam cleaner machine Dubai.

30+ Years of Experience

Established expertise and trust in the cleaning industry.

6+ Showrooms

Convenient locations to serve you better.

40+ Countries Reached

Expanding our reach and delivering globally.

Our Promise

At AKC, we're dedicated to offering affordable cleaning products without sacrificing effectiveness. As leading suppliers of cleaning products, we can meet all of your requirements by providing both bulk and discount cleaning supplies. We can assist you whether you require wholesale cleaning supplies or industrial janitorial cleaning equipment like the sweeper machine in UAE and fogging mist machine. Discover the difference by working with AKC Cleaning Supplies & Equipment, your go-to source in the UAE for dependable and knowledgeable cleaning equipment suppliers. Contact us now and allow us to surpass your expectations with our superior cleaning supplies and solutions.

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Our staff strives to meet your needs and exceed your expectations by following your instructions and expertly customizing services and goods that meet your specifications. We prioritize finding quick fixes and practical answers over anything else to ensure your satisfaction with every transaction.