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Powerful Industrial Vacuum Cleaner in Dubai, UAE 

One of the biggest and most trusted names in industrial vacuum cleaner providers in Dubai and the UAE, AKC offers a large selection of industrial-grade, dry and wet vacuum cleaners that provide an easy and fast cleanup of the most difficult dirt, spills and messes.

Wet-dry industrial grade vacuum cleaners

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners perform better than ordinary vacuums as they have powerful suction which works in dry and wet conditions. The suction's power can remove screws, nails and other heavy metals that might otherwise ruin the insides of your standard household unit, making industrial vacuum cleaners able remove a layer of dirt or a puddle of water.

Being the most preferred supplier of industrial grade vacuum companies in Dubai and across the UAE, AKC offers industrial vacuums equipped with a wide range of attachments and tools that can reach every corner and crevice. Made with a durable construction, these vacuums are able to provide reliable and trouble-free service for a long time. The models that are most sought-after come with a capacity of 10 gallons which makes them as adaptable to big spills as they are with the smaller ones, and leaving behind an uncluttered surface.

Superior quality at a cost-effective price in Dubai

Although they offer superior capabilities and features Wet-dry industrial vacuums are offered at most competitive prices on the market which makes them an excellent investment over the long term. With high-quality quality and durability our industrial vacuums is a great value in terms of value. We source only cleaning equipment and machines from the most reliable and well-known global brands to ensure that we offer a wide range of high-quality products with the lowest prices.

If you're interested in the price of a product or to learn more about its functions you can reach us. You can also request a trial via our website.