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Explore the Cleaning Technology We Introduced at FM Expo

You've worked hard to build up your business, and now you finally have a physical store. You want customers to feel safe as they shop.

But you can't clean your store the same way you clean your house. It would take too much time, effort, and money.

How can you make sure your facilities are clean and ready to welcome guests?

At FM Expo, you can connect with suppliers who will help you find cleaning solutions for your business. Through innovation and new technologies, cleaning big spaces has never been easier. 

The FM Expo

If you've never heard of it, you may be wondering "what is the FM Expo?" The Facilities Management (FM) Expo takes place in the Middle East. At this event, facilities professionals connect with suppliers that can meet their needs. 

In the modern world, consumers are particularly concerned about cleanliness while shopping. Travelers want to know their rooms are free of dirt and dust. Employees want peace of mind in knowing that their workspaces are free of pathogens.

Connecting with the right cleaning equipment supplier is crucial to the success of your property. Trade shows, such as FM Expo, are an invaluable opportunity for making these connections.  

Cleaning Innovation

Over the years, scientists and companies have been concerned with how to innovate cleaning. As a result, they developed new cleaning technology. 

For example, hotels and airports increasingly use cleaning robots, originally developed for hospitals. These autonomous machines utilize UV lights to disinfect walls, floors, and other surfaces. Without a robot, these surfaces take a great deal of time and effort to disinfect through other methods.

These new machines efficiently clean spaces that may be difficult or time-consuming for a human to clean.

New Cleaning Products

At the FM Expo in 2015, suppliers introduced a variety of products based on cleaning technologies. Facility managers and business owners had the opportunity to examine machines such as wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

In addition to vacuum cleaners, AKC Group had trollies and scrubber dryers on the show floor. This gave expo attendees a chance to see the products up close and ask representatives questions. 

This wide selection of vacuum cleaners can effectively clean the carpet of a hotel or office.

Trollies provide excellent cleaning solutions for any business. They keep waste separated from laundry, and lend themselves to workplace safety by protecting workers.

You can use a trolly to assist in laundry services, janitorial services, and delivery services. Some trollies can serve multiple functions, such as the type you may see in use at a hospital or hotel.

Scrubber dryers provide a great solution for keeping your uncarpeted floors clean. Customers and guests will enter your facility and feel immediately at ease with how clean your space is.

Get the Best Equipment for Your Facility

Cleaning technologies continue to evolve. Don't let your business get left in the dust.

At FM Expo, you can learn about new products that will improve cleaning in your facility. Your customers and guests will thank you.

Connect with us at our next event to discuss how we can meet the cleaning needs of your business.

Muhammad Shahzaib Monday 18 May 2015 AKC